Nike vs adidas

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I- Introduction

a) General informations
b) Problematic
c) Outline

II- Development

a) Historical
b) Products
c) Distribution
d) Marketing strategy

III- Conclusion

a) Result
b) Our point of vue


I- Introduction

a) General informations

Nikeand Adidas are two traded sportswear and equipment makers, suppliers of athletic shoes, apparel and sports equipment…

Nike is currently the world leader of this market, with 32% of market shares, and a high turnover which reaches 16 billion $ in 2006, while Adidas’s turnover reaches 13.625 billion $ the same year.
Adidas’s market shares only attain 27%.

Nevertheless, the completion betweenthe two companies stay very closed. They almost sell the same products, practise in the same sport domain, and their marketing strategy more and more looks like each other.

We can say that Nike and Adidas indulge in an endless war.

Even if Nike is the world leader, Adidas is a persevering challenger, and could surmount the current number one.

b) Problematic

Will Nike keephis world leader’s position?

c) Outline

In order to answer to this problematic, we are going to compare the two companies: First, their historical, their each range of products, then their methods of distribution and logistic, and at last, their marketing strategy.

II- Development

a) Historical

|Juridical form |Public company |Public company |
|Date of creation |1972 |1949 |
|Slogan|« Just do it » |"Impossible is nothing" |
|Head-office |United States |Germany |
| |(Oregon) | |
|Activities|Sport equipment |Sport equipment |
|Turnover ($) 2006 |16 billions |13.6 billions |
|Market shares 2006 |32% |27%|


It’s in 1949 that Adolf Dassler decides to call his company « Adidas ».
It’s after his son who takes back reindeers of the firm, but, next his dead in 1987, the company comes in crisis. Then, many purchasers recapture the firm like Bernard Tapie (help by Lyonnais Credit), but, every time, it’s a setback.

Finally, in 1993, it’s Robert Louis Dreyfus who was nominatingdirector of the brand by investors, which renewed range of products and called opinion’s leaders.
The company entered in stock exchange in 1995.

In 2005, Adidas notice an amicably takeover bid on Reebok for an aggregate of 3.8 milliards of US dollars.


Nike is created in 1972 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, and it specialised in sport shoes (The famous Waffle basket).

In 1981, Nikebecomes the number one of sport shoes in United States and takes advantage of this to enter in stock exchange
In 1984 Basket Ball becomes the flagship sport of the brand with Michael Jordan like emblem, with the famous “Air Jordan”.

In 1997, Nike is accused to make work underpaid children.

In 2003, Nike bought back his rival Converse Shoes for 305 millions Euros.
In 2007, Nike bought...
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