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My favorite book that is Fascination (of the saga Twilight) Graduated Meyer. A very beautiful history of love between Bella Swan (human) and Edward Cullen (vampire)! This love story mixes thereforeto the supernatural and that is what makes it a brilliant work, interesting and exciting ! Isabella Swan (nicknamed Bella) must leave her Arizona natal to install with his father in Forks, a small cityrainy 3500 inhabitants. It is therefore his father that it has not seen in recent years without great motivation and made his re-entry at the lycée local to the month of March. In this high schoolwhere it does not do not much, the arrival of Bella is lived as an event and each one is press around it to try to make a good impression and make a new friend. A little intimidated and not verycomfortable, the atmosphere change completely when it finds the family Cullen and more specifically Edward Cullen. It is fascinated (hence the name of the book) by their beauty, their aspects perfect andStrange therefore... especially when a day, Edward saves a car accident in which it should have died. It tries to get closer to him for the thank and realizes that it is more and more mysterious despitethis complicity which seems to train between them. It devine that ultimately it is a vampire. The adventure begins... This book is followed by three other volumes (four in all) which allows to givecontinuity to the history. This gives us more details and allows us to understand this commitment without limit demonstrated Edward toward Bella. Also a cinematographic adaptation has been made in 2008and has been a great success. The volume 2 fate in film shortly, in November 2009. I strongly advise the book and then the film...

Mon livre favori c'est Fascination (de la saga Twilight) deStephenie Meyer. Une très belle histoire d'amour entre Bella
Swan (humaine) et Edward Cullen (vampire)! Cette histoire d'amour se mêle donc au surnaturel et c'est ce qui en fait une oeuvre géniale,...
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