Nono et ludo

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At the end of the school it wasn’t really the holidays for me because the next week I’ve done training for a job. I’ve done this training at the tribunal.before I do it, I thought it was cool but Monday, I come into the court, I couldn’t believe it. It was very boring. During the week they said me “Okay, so yougo to the computer and work”. So I did some search.
The next week, I have skied in the Alpes. It wasn’t easy because the mountains are very strange. Atthe top, I was scared because if I fell I won’t be able to walk the next months. At the moment, my legs trembled. Arrived to the cottage, I’ve drunk a hotchocolate. And during the rest of the week I’ve slept all time
The 24th December, the Christmas Eve , I was excited .I decorated the Christmas tree with sometinsel and Christmas balls. At the evening we did a big dinner with all the family. I was Magic.
The next day, I‘ve gone under the tree and I discover mypresents .I’ve received a new mobile phone a new computer and a lot of Playstation game. It was the best moment of my life.
During the next week I stayed onthe computer. I told everyone I had a new mobile phone. After I slept, I ate, I sleep and I ate again. I started my home works. And I prepared the dinner ofthe new years.
The 31st December, it’s the last day of the years. I invited some friends. I prepared the dinner. I took goods resolution .we‘ve eaten .Andat the midnight we went to a big party. I was Extraordinary.
During the rest of the holiday I’ve done my home works and the 3th January I go to the school.
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