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IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.7 No.7, July 2007


3D Representation of Radar Coverage in Complex Environment
Chen Peng1† and Wu Lingda2††,
Multimedia R&D Center of National University of Defense Technology, ChangSha, China Summary
3D representation of Radar electromagnetic information affected by terrain, ocean and weather is an unavoidable problem in the future digital battlefield. Based on APM(Advanced Propagation Model), in-plane propagation loss was calculated by the virtual of digitalized virtual battlefield. Then 2D in-plane coverage of given Radar was deduced. At last multiple such 2D coverage were combined together to construct the 3D Radar coverage. Our experiment of embedding a typical Radar into digital battlefield showed that the 3D Radar coverage affected by complex environment was vividly and dynamically visualized in time and parameters of Radar and target could be adjusted interactively, which could provide excellent decision supporting and plan aiding for users.

Key words:
Radar Coverage; virtual battlefield; 3D Visualization;

1. Introduction
As Virtual Reality (VR) technology is widely used in daily drill and operation commands, combat games such as America’s Army are walking up to actual combat drill. The article of “Virtual Reality Prepares Soldiers for Real War” published by The Washington Post on Feb 14, 2006 said that American soldiers regarded actual combats as computer game[1]. It can be said that VR not only have transformed the way the United States military fights wars, as well as soldiers' ways of killing. The technique of representing real terrain, physiognomy, bilateral situation and force location can now satisfy these basic requirements[2-5]. But for the invisible electromagnetic environment, it is not only laid on the performance of equipments themselves, but greatly on the environment around them. So it is extremely difficult to represent 3D electromagnetic

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