Online community of poker players

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Consumer Behavior Assignment

For this exercise, I have decided to analyze the Online Community of Poker Players.

Thefirst of the four types are the tourists who lack strong social ties to the group, and maintain only a superficial or passing interest in the consumption activity. Here, they donothing but sometimes observe videos of poker tournament, or play for free on social networks (like facebook). They do not feel really committed in poker activities.
Next arethe minglers who are only perfunctorily interested in the poker playing activity. They maintain strong social ties with other players or fan, comment on blogs, but as thecategory we have described right above does, they almost never participate in real poker tournament.
Devotees are opposite to this: they maintain a strong interest in and enthusiasmfor the consumption activity, but have few social attachments to the group. They are registered on specialized websites such as Fulltiltpoker, Pokerstar, Everestpoker and soon, and they only play there (they do not consider poker online as a classical hobby, and they never play for free).
On this kind of site, people actually were given theopportunity to go and play the game they were interested in—and thus to directly consume.

Finally, insiders are those who have strong social ties and strong personal ties to theconsumption activity. Their consumption activity online looks like the devotees, but in addition to that, on the social field they behave like minglers. They tend to be far moresocial and relational in their group communication. To them, the social contact of online communication is in itself a valuable reinforcement.

Nicolas Veyronnet
Group B1b
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