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During this essay I will show you how trends and frameworks political, education, family and economic influence the society and change through the generation.

* My family and gender orientations.

One study estimated that legal reforms accounted for about 20 percent of the increase in divorce rates in Europe between 1960 and 2002.

Even if statistics arenot still precise, it is estimated in France that a marriage on three finishes by a divorce, trends to get closer to one on two for big cities.

For my personnel experience my parents have lived together for 22 years, they ever got any big trouble; at first they were living together without being legally married but when my third brother was born they decided to get married after 10 year commonliving.

For example in my family I have two brothers, so my parents get three kids. And we are five in my family.

About parents’ family, father’s side, he is a single child, he have any brother and sister whereas my mother gets four sisters and four brothers, my grand-dad is a immigrant Sicilian, he left the isle when he was thirty year’s old.

France displays real divergences from thestandard model of Western demographic evolution. The uniqueness of the French case arises from its specific demographic history, its historic cultural values, and its internal regional dynamics. France's demographic profile is similar to its European neighbors and to developed countries in general, yet it seems to be staving off the population decline of Western countries.

With 62.9 millioninhabitants, it is the second most populous country in the European Union, and it displays a certain demographic dynamism, with a growth rate of 2.4% between 2000 and 2005, above the European average.

About the fertility, in Western Europe After 1960, ideal family size fell sharply, from 3 to 2 children. Couples postponed marriage and first births, and they sharply reduced the number of thirdand fourth births.

Nowadays, the France get 17 315 family on French territory; they’re divided up according to kid number.

Kid numbers in household | en % |
  | 2006 |
Without kid | 47,3 |
1 kid | 22,5 |
2 kids | 20,3 |
3 kids | 7,4 |
4 kids and more | 2,5 |
Total | 100 |

For example in my family I have two brothers, so my parents get three kids. And we are five in myfamily.

* My experiences and orientations in work organizations and economic system.

 Social profession ( CSP IN FRENCH ) | 2008 % |
Farmers. | 1,8 |
Liberal profession, senior managers. | 6,1 |
Intellectual profession, middle managers | 16,2 |
Intermediate profession | 24,0 |
Employees | 29,3 |
Labour | 22,6 |
Labour not qualified | 14,9 |
Labor qualified | 6,8 |Total | 100,0 |

My father is coming from labor family about his study he was not described as a serious student.

He was working when he was sixteen in automobile’s sector, after few year he got a opportunity to create his enterprise a garage exactly, he had managed his enterprise for Fifteen year, he sold it and decided to work for himself without personnel because he got trouble with hisemployees and now he gets a liberal profession.

Nowadays my father is working for anybody, just for him and her family, so my father work for thirty year, at begins he was working for someone and after he had built his enterprise.

My mother is a secretary for the city hall, she works for the municipality before she was a model but when she was pregnant she had to stop the model. She is comingfrom labor family too. After my birth my mother decides to stop her study to take care of me, you must to know that my mother was being eighteen year’s old when I was born.

This work is very flexible for each pregnancy my mother could get holidays and take care of my brothers.

In France, socialist parties and democrats played a prominent role in forming and building up trade unions,...
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