Peut-on vivre sans illusions ?

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A Dutchclinic that hasbegunofferingthe world's first treatment computergame addicts for '',vith pleasfor help from parents and children ail over the worid. hasbeenovenvhelmed "It's amazing, I'veneverseenanythinglike it," said Keith Bakker,the American directorof "The phonehas the clinic in Amsterdam, been ringing constantly. Compntergame addiction problemthanr,ve is obviouslyan evengreater imagined." Theclinic will begin treatingt'uvo teenagers from Britain this week and other sufferers are being signedin from America and Asia. "Theseare perfectly decentkids whose lives have been taken over by anaddiction," said Bakker, a former drug addict. "Some have given up school so they can play games. They have no friends. They don't speak their parents." to Last week Bakker took his first group of"gamers", as he calls them, on a parachutingtrip to take their minds off their computers.Treatmentalso involves meditation,fitness training and
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Althoughexpertsare stil1debatingwhether excessivegame playrng counts as an addiction, Bakker has no doubt that the symptomsarethe same. "It's not a chemical dependency, it's got everl'thing but of an obsessivecompulsivedisorder and all of the other stuff that comeswith chemicaldependency." Tim, a 2l-year-old from Utrecht, said he had hardly 1efthis bedroomfor five yearsbecause "My by he was so obsessed...
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