Planning and public policy for festival and events

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Festival and Event Management

Module: Planning and Public Policy for Festivals and Events

1.0 Introduction 3
1.1 The Event chosen 3
1.1. 1 Background of Event 3
1.1.2 Justification of event 3
2.0 Kilmarnock Football Club’s Annual Open Day 4
2.1 The existing Open day 4
2.1.1 Shareholders 4
2.1.2 Stakeholders 4
2.2 Initiatives already in place 5
2.3Proposed development 5
2.3.1 Initiative A 5 How would Initiative A work? 6
2.3.2 Initiative B 6 How would Initiative B work? 6
3.0 The impacts affected by the Kilmarnock Football Club ‘s Open Day. 7
3.1 Economic Impacts 7
3.2 Social Impacts 7
3.3 Political Impacts 7
4.0 Conclusion 8

1.0 Introduction
“An event is any gathering of people for a specific purpose.”(Carter 2007:3)
Events can be used to enhance a product, service, create or recreate an experience or attitude. In this report, the aim is to use a new or existing event and identify an area for development, in line with government policy priorities and/ or initiatives.
Through the use of theoretical research; a report will be produced discussing potential development towards the event andrelevant policies and strategies.

1.1 The Event chosen
The event chosen to look at and identify an area for development is the Kilmarnock football Club Annual Open day also known as ‘Killie Fc Open day.

1.1. 1 Background of Event
It is a community based special event/ Special event meaning;
...Infrequently occurring event outside normal programmes or activities of the sponsoringorganisation.” (Bowdin, et al, 2006:9)
The one day event occurs July/ August and is the catalyst for launching new products such as the new football strip, new merchandise etc and is a chance for visitors to meet the football players and get signatures. The event usually runs competitions and has a big fun fair and lasts on average 4 – 6 hours. A club spokesman of Kilmarnock Football Club said: “It’sestimated that the event attracts about four to five thousand people every year.” (Kilmarnock Standard, 2007)

1.1.2 Justification of event
The justification of this event is partially due to first hand interactions with the event and that the event itself has an audience in average of 5,000 people in which, for Kilmarnock being a district of 43,416 people (East Ayrshire, 2009) has the audiencepotential of maximising awareness of the initiative and achieving its goals to a minimum of a 9th of the entire community population which is a successful rate to begin with.

2.0 Kilmarnock Football Club’s Annual Open Day

Held at Kilmarnock’s football stadium ‘Rugby Park. It is a public non-ticketed event where anyone can attend irrelevant of age; however, it is mostly aimed at families.2.1 The existing Open day
The annual event was held this year on August 8th. It comprised of a fun fair, the launch of a new strip and recognition of a new sponsor ‘Verve’, competitions and meeting the football players and so on. The outcome included new sponsorships of 60 adults and a ‘record breaking’ 188 new youths enrolled as members and came along to football practice. (Young Killie, 2010)2.1.1 Shareholders
Kilmarnock football club was sponsored by Brownings – the bakers that produce the infamous Killie pie- which were sold at the opening day. Verve who among Killie 1869 are their biggest sponsors and gave the club prizes to use for the competitions and pay for the new football strips. They are also sponsored by individuals and donations from the members and companies wantingto advertise at the open day and/or set up stalls. The lottery is also an important shareholder though they have no direct influence on the open day event.

2.1.2 Stakeholders
East Ayrshire council have an avid interest but who also assign police usage for traffic control and to ensure safety among the crowds. There were a few unhappy neighbours that s’ houses surround the Stadium who cannot...
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