Prince harry

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Welcome back everyone. Okay here we go, get ready, hang on to somthing ladies and gentelmans, listen to this: our next guest is a very special one, he just came back from a gap year spent in Austalia and Lesotho, the documentary he produced titled ''The Forgotten kingdom'' just came out, Please welcome as it should his hightness Prince Harry ! Good evening, how are you? Good evening Prince Harry, I'm fine, I'm glad you're here. Actually we're very lucky to have you on the show tonight, you're quite a busy young man.. Hah, I don't have much free time but it's my pleasure to be here with you all tonight, I love your show! Well, we're honnored to have you! So, as I was telling the audience, you just came back from a gap year, how did it go? Well, it was very interesting, I have to say. I met a lot of very friendly people in Australia as well as in Lesotho. Even thought the atmosphere was much different. It probably was different. I heard you played some important polo match test in Australia. What did you do exacly by the time you where down there ? I did participate to a polo match test. That was the Young England, which I was part of, vs the Young Australia. Oh, I see... Yes and, during the time I spent in Australia , I also got to work on a cattle station which I really liked. Working with animals was brand new for me and definitly benefical. Your father also worked in a similar place when he was as young as you, is that right ? Oh yes, he did, as well as my older brother. Okay .. And what about Lesotho? You probably did much different things there .. I mainly spent my time working for various charities and organisations for children in Lesotho. I also volonteered in a home for Aids orphans there. Oh that's great! ... While you where there, you made a documentary to help highlight the

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