Principe de prudence crise financière

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In 1980 ,France ratified the declaration of eliminations of all kinds of discrimination against women. The ARTICLE 11 OF This declaration mentions : “States Parties shall take all appropriatemeasures to eliminate discrimination against women in the field of employment in order to ensure the same rights, in particular: the right to the same employment opportunities, including the application ofthe same criteria for selection in matters of employment; The right to equal remuneration». today, while the cedaw Committee is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, can we assert that professionalgender equality really exists in France?

to answer this question,we will see that on the one hand, facts prove that women are still discriminated in French workplaces but on the other hand, we areon the way to make this sexual discrimination disappear. several years france has made great strides towards equality between men and women.

indeed, gender gap in employment is a problem whichhasn’t been resolved yet in france.

firstly, men and women don’t have the same employment opportunities, they are not selected according to same 2006, the university of Evry made series oftesting which showed that a female candidate had 1,6 less chance of being shortlisted for a job than male one.

besides,men and women don’t have the same professions.

according to a recent surveymade by the INSEE ,the national institute for statistics and economic studies, almost seventy-five pourcent of women work in education, health and social sectors whereas male dominated sectors aremanufacturing, financial,banking and political sectors. when a woman work in those sectors, men are generally outranked and outearned her. for example, few weeks later as I having lunch with friends in apark,the female gardener came to us and invited us to throw our scrap in the garbage, I saw a bump in her head. I may have been not unnoticeable because she spontaneously explained me she hurt a...
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