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Testimonial Advertising - Anton Ahlin and Sarah Derroisne
Intro - Advertising copy approach using an individual who has tried a product and been satisfied with it to favourably endorse the product.The endorsement may be in the form of a statement or a letter, and the individual may be a well-known personality, such as an actor or athlete, or a satisfied customer appearing as an impartial"person in the street." The idea behind testimonial advertising is that a prospective customer may be favourably influenced to try a product when it has been praised by another impartial consumer, or bya known personality whom the consumer may wish to emulate.

Content (Ads)
Willett - Honda Store
HP - The computer is personal again
Medifast - Dinner Party
Tiger Schulmann's Karate SchoolHonda
Marketing Objectives
Willett Honda South has the lowest prices on Honda cars

Target Audience
Women / Housewives looking for asafe and affordable car. Appealing to drivers in general

Creative Proposition
Women giving testimonials about their experience with Willett Honda SouthConsumers are more likely to believe one of their own. Showing the products

Consumer Response
Why exclude men?
Do you thinkI'm stupid?

Suggested Improvement
Make it real
Artistic work

HP - TheComputer is personal again

Marketing Objectives
Make PC's (HP) hip
Compete with apple
Stick out from
CompetitionIncrease Sales

Target Audience
The creative youth
People considering to
Buy a Mac
Urban / City...
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