Rédac anglais - " la découverte "

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We try to do discover all the time , for the health with the scientist , with the astronaut to learn more about planet but we try to learn more about the past with the archaeology , it is a very good way to know more about the old civilization .

Archaeology can be exciting because it is a enriching job where we can understand how the people lived , few century ago we can find many objects and understand their way of life with that we can understand more detail of the history for example understand how they build the pyramid in Egyptian .
With archaeology we can travel everywhere in the world not just in Egyptian in Greece for example where the civilisations war so old too.
It could fascinating to study the archaeology and know how fonctunioned the civilisation who are the basis from the actual civilisation, to know more about the ways and customs of a nation.…
It is unbelievable to see what we can discover about people with just many or little object of their customs of life to know so much with just these little things.
It is a real hobbies not just a simply work , the Archaeolog are really fond of , they invested them self so much , make research during many hours and they didn’t hesitate to leave their family during few month to carry out an expedition somewhere in the world sometimes in difficult working conditions .
Moreover it could be exciting to shared a discovery with all the world, a knowledge who can help other people in their own research, it is not a work with just an own profit. It is a concrete work, with concrete answers ….

In conclusion, archaeology can be exciting because it is a work in what we can do many discovered in fabulous place , and shared a knowledge with many people who have the same hobby

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