Rédiger un récit en anglais

Pages: 4 (829 mots) Publié le: 10 novembre 2010
- déterminer les lieux, les temps, les sujets correspondant à chaque paragraphe;
- dégager les caractéristiques des personnages;
- distinguer l' essentiel de l' accessoire;
-repérer les mots-clés de la construction d' un récit
|A |When I was at university, I did not have much money. I could not afford expensive things like a camera. But I did have one thing which was valuable. It was|
| |a gold watch, which was a gift from my parents for my twenty-fifth birthday. |
|B |At the end of the first year, I waswondering what I was going to do during the summer holidays. Then I received a letter from Peter. Peter was a friend |
|  |who was working for the British Council in Germany. In his letter, Peterasked me if I would come and stay with him for the summer. I decided to accept his|
|  |invitation. I travelled cheaply to Germany from London by train and boat.|
|  |I did not have anything of value except my watch which was on my wrist. During the long journey, I often wondered what the time was and I keptlooking at |
|  |my watch. |
|C |When I arrivedin Bonn, where Peter worked, he was waiting for me at the bus station. He took me in his car to his small flat, which was in a quiet street.|
|  |At the front, the flat was high off the ground. Butat the back, the bedroom windows were at ground level. It was the month of July and the flat was very |
|  |hot. I wondered if I would be able to sleep in such heat. I asked Peter if I should...
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