Rapport de stage anglais

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What can I do with this degree?
PUBLIC ACCOUNTING Auditing/Assurance Services Tax Environmental Accounting Forensic/Investigative Accounting Information Technology ServicesInternational Accounting Personal Financial Planning

Public accounting firms: Large, multinational Regional Local Sole practitioners

Public accounting firms hire candidates whomeet the educational requirements for sitting for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam: 150 hours of education including 24 hours of accounting, i.e. the equivalent of an undergraduate degree inaccounting. State laws govern the practice of accountancy and specify the requirements to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam. In most states, the State Board of Accountancy has a website thatoutlines those requirements.

CORPORATE ACCOUNTING Financial Management Financial Reporting Internal Auditing Cost Accounting Tax Planning Budget Analysis GOVERNMENT Auditing Financial Reporting FinancialManagement Budget Analysis Research

Companies of all sizes, in all industries

Many managers in corporate settings obtain an MBA degree after several years of work experience.

Federalagencies and departments including: Federal Bureau of Investigation Internal Revenue Service Department of the Treasury General Accounting Office Office of Management and Budget Securities ExchangeCommission State and local agencies Universities and colleges

Become familiar with the government application process.

EDUCATION Teaching Research Consulting

A Ph.D. in Accounting or a DBA, Doctoratein Business Administration, in accounting is generally required. Maintain a high g.p.a. and secure strong faculty recommendations for admittance into graduate school.

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AREASNON-PROFIT Accounting Internal Audit Financial Planning Budgeting Money Handling Record Keeping



Social service agencies and organizations Hospitals Public school...
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