Reading a book or watching tv?

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Reading a book or Watching TV ?

TV and Book, two medium of our XX century, have create a generation gap. Indeed lots of adults consider TV like an “idiot box” or like other unflattering synonymsand the viewer is often denigrated as a couch potato. Lots of teenagers and children find TV more attractive and interesting than books. Moreover they think that the reading is a boring pastime. Thuswe can way wonder which is better between reading a book and watching TV? Which is the more entertainment and the more enriching?

First we know that television is a kind of entertainment because wecan see movies or films in different channels and in this way TV entertain people in their leisure time. Television strives to give you characters you can identify with. Moreover, watching televisionis a kind of activity for which you don¡¯t have to move very much. Sometimes people might be mentally exhausted to enjoy a book and prefer watch TV because its requires minimal effort. Furthermore,you can relax you in front of TV and it enables you to let off steam. Indeed you are comfortably setting in sofa while watching TV. Moreover you can spend a good time with your family and in this way TVcan strengthen your family relationships. Book is also a good media to entertain people. Firstly it challenges your mind and stimulates your imagination. With every word, the scene becomes a littlemore precise and your mind can wander off the reality. You can imagine the character like you want. In this way, you can identify more easily with a character created from your imagination. Moreoverreading a book allows you to let off steam and move away from the noise and stress. You can isolate oneself and relax you.

Secondly I think that both of them can be enriching. Firstly TV broadenspeople’s horizons with educative programs for children, operas or concerts too. Furthermore, television provides the news every day, and people know what happens all over the world. If there is a...
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