Reality tv

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Cohen Jeremie
Da Silva Angéla
Reality TV:
This text is an extract of Dead Famous, written in 2001 by Ben Elton. The goal of the text is to make us understand that we should notbelieve everything we watch on TV.
The reality in TV
the candidates are volunters
All the candidates in the TV show are volunters, they chose to participate an they offer their ownpersonality. They are cashed by the editor in chief and all the editors of House Arrest.
{text:list-item} The candidates are not actors, the editors don't ask them or make them do somespecial things that don't follow the way they are or go against their principes. They obviously have strong personalities, they can be naturally strange or interesting but they never say anything that hasbeen written or prepared.
{text:list-item} The murder of an housemate is real, and so is the investigation. That proove that the feelings between the candidates are real and they mean everyword the watchers hear. The candidates are interacting catch other. So if one of them can't stand another one, we have to worry about the eventual consequences because one of them will certainlyhappen. So the investigation concerns the murder of someone, a man or a woman, not a character.
The editors cast candidates according to thepersonalities they want. Indeed they shoot a script before choosing the housemates so they can be as close as possible of the wanted characters.
{text:list-item} The show only lasts thirty minutesfor a day entirely recorded in the house, so the showed images are chosen by the editors who can make them say whatever they want. They can pick for example only the discussions where the housematesdisagree or even fight to make the watchers think that the atmosphere is very intense.
{text:list-item} The editor in chief thinks that people are dull, the thinks that people believe...
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