Redaction anglais: is facebook addictive?

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Rédaction d’anglais: Is facebook addictive? Have computers become a threat for self-discipline?

Personally I’m not on Facebook, but almost all my friends are on this huge log. I’m not on Facebookbecause in my point of view it’s neither interesting nor useful. I don’t understand the fact that people share their private life to everybody, and are happy to interact with people they don’t reallyknow and who are “friends” on Face Book. But there are just a few people who think like me because Face Book has become in a few years a mass phenomenon.
According to the people who are on Facebookthere are a lot of advantages. For example you can regain somebody you haven’t seen for years. You can enjoy yourselves with several quiz or little games. You can also discover the new gossips andso on.
But what I see outwardly, and I think that it’s the best position to answer the question “Is Facebook addictive”, is that Facebook is actually a very addictive website. Almost everyone who ison Facebook can’t pass a day without visiting the website. Facebook appear very often in conversations. But what is the most surprising about Facebook is that even adults are on it. So it’s not justfor teenagers it’s for everyone, and according to me, this is what make the strength of Facebook.
This characteristic of Facebook brings us to another question: “Have computers become a threat forself-discipline”. I think that people don’t really know the time per week they spend on Facebook because when you are on the web site, you never count and the time goes very fast. But it’s not trueonly for Facebook; it’s true for video games, for series you watch on computers … I don’t know if we can say that computers are a threat, but what is sure is that we can spend a lot of time on computerswithout do anything else and that we can be completely dependent on them.
But can we live without computers in a world where technology become omnipresent? Although it’s very addictive and maybe a...
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