Redaction anglais

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Walter was really scared and he didn’t know what to do; should he run? Should he scream? Did the rogue police officer have a weapon? Then Walter thought of somethingthat might be in his advantage. He knew that he wasn’t a real policeman but he, the fake police officer, didn’t know he knew. Walter couldn’t think how it was going tohelp him but it was the only light of hope he could hang on to. Then he answered to his visitor like a perfect host.
“Yes, of course. You are aswelcome here as if it was your home.
The visitor groaned in response.
“I’m going to make some tea, or do you prefer something else?” Walter asked on a sweet andpolite tone.
“Beer...” He answered roughly.
The visitor left Walter and went back in the living room, maybe to find how he was going to get rid of his dead bodyafter killing him. Walter who was already in the kitchen grabbed a beer and put some sleeping drug in it, then he went back to the living room hiding his fear.“Here is your beer officer.”
The murder grinned, grabbed the beer and drank it in one shot. Then he looked at Walter intensively and smiled as he was saying those words;“Somebody is going to die tonight and it’s you!”
He jumped on his feet, his knee started to shake and he started to totter. He fell down, took the gun he had inhis pocket and shot Walter before becoming unconscious. Walter looked at his shirt cover of blood and collapse. Real police officer arrived not long after the incidentand Walter was send to the hospital. Hopefully the bullet was lodge in his arm so his life wasn’t in danger anymore and his attacker had been arrested; he was safe.
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