Churchill isolement.

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Dialogue Gerry-Policemen.
Gerry:' I didn't do anything. You have no evidence, none. So, maybe you should gather some before taking me into custody.'
Policeman: you have no idea of what we have against you Mister Conlon.'
Gerry:'Like I care...'
Policeman:'Do you know who the alleged culprit is at the moment? You are Conlon. You'd better play along, & not play around, cooperate, that's all we're asking you to do.'
Gerry:'How come I'm the alleged culprit? You guys are idiots, you have no evidence, how can you say that? I mean you can’t arrest me because I'm fucking Irish! Why would have I planted that god damn bomb? try to picture it for a moment! I don't give a shit about you Londoners. I came here to find a job, got it? So excuse me but now im leaving '
Policeman:'You're not going anywhere Gerry, please remain seated if you don't want to get into some trouble.'
Gerry:'Are you trying to threatening me? I won't put my hands up & surrender, got it. I have nothing to do with this bomb plot. So now i'm getting the fuck out of this building.'
Gerry stands up, but two police officers catch him & start to kick & punch him.
Policeman:'Now, you sit the fuck down.'
Gerry:'FUCK YOU.'
Policeman:'Please Gerry, sit your ass down.'
Gerry sits.
Gerry:'I'm not talking to you 'til I get a lawyer.'
Policeman:'Your not getting one. Where were you yesterday night at 10PM?'
Gerry:'I was in a park, you know, the one next to the pub.'
Policeman:'What were you doing there?'
Gerry:'We were trying to get some sleep actually."
Policeman:'We? who were you with?'
Gerry:'With Paul.'
Policeman:'How come you were sleeping in that park?'
Gerry:'We were thrown out of the house.'
Policeman:'What house are you talking about?'
Gerry:'The hippes' one.'
Policeman:'And, why's that?'
Gerry:'Ummm, we don't really get along...'
Policeman:'All riiiiiiiight... So, why did you plant that bomb?
Gerry:'I didn't.'
Policeman:'COME ON! A witness saw you!'
Gerry:'Is he blind or something?"

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