Renewable energy

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This document is made by « Bank of the Planet », the famous social network created by the largest private bank in Bresil ,Banco Bradesco. The principal objective of this organizationis to pursuit an environnemental sustainable planet. Bank of the Planet share ideas about conserving water, offsetting and reducing carbon emission and recycling. This picture informs us aboutrenewable energy and give us an another solution to fight for the global warming.

In the foreground, we recognize lamps and others lights, which are forming a huge bowl, likeour planet, the Earth. In the distance, there are skyscrapers. A big part of this picture represent the sky. In the left-hand corner, a sentence accompanies this ad : « Renewable energy sources meannothing unless we renew our energy consumption habits ». Thanks to this sentence, we understand that we must change our energy consumption habits and favorise the renewable energy.

Renewable: it is the magic word! We begin today to worry about effects of the next rarefaction of the fossil, not renewable before millions of years: the coal, the oil and the natural gas. Todevelop the renewable energies, it’s one of the solutions envisaged to resolve this considerable problem. But it is also a solution to begin to resolve the problem of the produced carbon dioxide when weburn with some oil, with some gas or with some coal: the increase of the content of this gas in the atmosphere is quickly going to lead(drive) to a reheating of the ground temperature and, doubtless,to important climatic disorders.

The renewale énergies don’t miss : the water of waterfalls, ( the hydro-electric power), the sun ( the solar energy), the wind ( the wind energy), the heat of theground bassement ( the géothermal energy) and others else ! But they’re there still for their beginning, and are relatively expensive. Their developement are made by governmental subsidies. Most of...
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