Romantic poetry

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Romantic poetry often seems to express an ecological point of view, preferring what nature can teach to what man has taught. William Wordsworth is one of the best English poets. His interest in nature is vital. He is shown as a wisdom figure and the guide to a pastoral consciousness we cannot afford to neglect. It is said that seeing through and not with the eye in ecology as the centrality of romanticism engenders a certain sense sublime. We will discuss the notion of ecology as the centrality of romanticism which gives an uplifting intelligence with Wordsworth’s works in romantic poetry.

By Wordsworth’s time, perceptions of animals had been changing in England. In opposition to the opinion of Descartes, animals were now thought to be capable of happiness and suffering and to some persons; their emotional life seemed more admirably intense than that of adult humans. Animals might be viewed as individuals, each with its own unique personality and life history. Moreover, animals had been endowed by nature with rights. In reconceptualising Burger’s “Der Wilde Jager”, Wordsworth in “Hart-leap well” inaugurates a new kind of romantic nature poetry which brings animals into the foreground and take their suffering seriously. So then, the vision propounded in “Hart-Leap Well” invites people to speculate how we can combine concern of the environment with concern of our fellow men. It is thus part of Wordsworth campaign against hunting. In the second part of the poem, arguments are typical of the discourse that attacked hunting, chiefly for its cruelty. The poem reaches more deeply; however, to explore irrational grounds of hunting’s appeal in Sir Walter’s enlarged sense of secure dominance, power, lust and megalomania in the aftermath of the chase. In the end, the poem may contemplate, with pleasure, the vanishing of mankind from the face of the earth; while nature remains in its beauty. He states: This is no

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