Royal mail

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Introduction 3
Approach to the Matter 4
A general approach 4
A specific approach 5
An entertaining approach. 5
Vocabulary: the author’s choice 7
The titles: 7
In the texts 8
Two similar texts: 9
A “part”-privatisation 11
Conclusion 13
Appendix 14


Besides the red buses and telephone boxes, the red mail boxes are one of the most famous visual symbols of the United Kingdom. They are held by Royal Mail, which is the British postal service. The post office is one of the last public enterprises, which survived from the wave of privatization driven by Margaret Thatcher and John Major in the 80s and 90s.

In February, a bill has yet been published by the government to partly privatise the public service.
At the moment, the bill has been introduced in the House of Lords and is due to be read in Parliament in June 2009. The debate has been very intense as this kind of reform is not expected from a Labour government and that opinions inside the labour party are split.

While studying the selected seven articles , the three points of interest will be as follow:
First, we will start with a general overview to distinguish the different possible types of approach to the matter, then, we will emphasize the author’s choice regarding the vocabulary. Finally, we will focus on the major differences between a part privatisation and a full privatisation.

Approach to the Matter

Even if we could sort the articles differently, three different approaches can generally be distinguished in articles of the British press, thus, we can wonder if the choice of approach is linked to the type of readership.

The first approach is a general approach, which means that the article is giving an overview of the matter. In the article, the different key facts and main different points of views are explained. It is an efficient tool for readers, who need comprehensive information on a topic.

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