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The store was created in 1991 by Hervé Blanc. It used to be called “Maxi Fouille” until the beginning of this year when it changed its name for “CENTRAKOR”.
During this training period, my jobwas mainly to sell. When there were not many customers, I was dealing with storage solutions, that is say I was trying to think how to promote the products by improving the display.

I.Presentation of the company

a. Activity sector

It is a retail store that does not sell any food. The items are home equipment, presents and decoration items. CENTRAKOR is a purchasing firm.It means that they get quantity discount because they buy very large amounts of items.

Added to the discount prices it offers to customers, the shop also benefits from an interestinglocation. It is situated in an activity and shopping area that attracts people. Moreover, it is easy to park just in front of the shop so that people can stop by to have a look inside.


Since the shop has been a member of the CENTRAKOR group for a long time, it finally decided to adopt the name of the purchasing group. It will enable to benefit from better advantages,namely financially speaking.

As far as advertisement is concerned, CENTRAKOR also benefits from sponsorship. It implies big hoardings, promotional activities.

The turnover varies from 5 000 to6 000 € a day.

The manager is currently thinking of computerizing the system of registration of sales. It will avoid stock shortage and make the sales easier.

c. its product

Thestore offers a wide range of house ware products:
▪ Leisure and entertainment (games),
▪ Kitchen ware,
▪ Beauty care and bathroom items,
▪ Furniture and decorativeitems,
▪ Cleaning products.
▪ Party and celebration items

II. Description of missions and accomplished tasks

The manager often came and made comments on some...
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