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Baccalauréat ANGLAIS LV1, Séries ES-S (session 2008)
I. Compréhension
1. The scene takes place in the USA: "Outside her bedroom window, a siren's wail sliced through the white noise of a wet snowfall. Those eerie man-made moans were part of New-Your City's wallpaper (...)" (l.2-3)
2. There are three characters. Their names are Fiona Sweeny (the main character), Chris and Devi.
3. FionaSweeny's nickname is Fi, and she has one brother and two sisters. The four children were brought up by their mother alone.
4. Possible quotations: "She turned her attention back to her bag, which still had space. What else should she take?" (l.6-7) / "the sensation that everything around her was diaphanous, and that she herself was half here and half not" (l.43-44) / "Fi". Chris at the door ofthe bedroom, waved in the air the paper on which he'd written a list of all the items he thought she should bring and might forget." (l.30-31) / "Davi reached out to squeeze Fi's shoulder. 'Just be home by March'." (l.59)
5. Kenya is a country in Africa where Swahili and English are the two official languages. Nairobi is the Capital while Garissa is a smaller city.
6. a) She feels frightened.    b) First of all, mosquitoes are responsible for the high death toll from malaria in Kenya. Then, they became a metaphor for other problems, such as violence and problems that can occur during such a trip in Africa. She feared the unknown.
7. a) Her mother was an inspiration: "Fi's mom had never been a big talker, but she'd been a hero (...) Now it was Fi's turn to do something worthwile".(l.28-29)
    b) She'd been a very quiet, discreet person, rather busy, even worried ("She'd never known her to be that carefree" l.9). She was considered as a hero by Fiona because she had brought up her four children alone, so she thought she too had to do something extraordinary.
8. Answer: a) The crime rate in Nairobi is very high.
9. a) The pronoun "them" refers to Chris and Davi.
    b)They do not seem to agree with her decision to go to Kenya. They argue that in the US too, there is a lot of illiteracy to fight and that Nairobi is a dangerous place. They think that the people there need food and medicine rather than reading.
10. Fiona refutes their arguments by saying that she has already volunteered after work to help people. She also insists on the fact that in Kenya, peopleare not used to having books around them, and that she will not be in Nairobi but in a smaller town, Garissa, and that it is no more dangerous than New-York.
11. They drink wine together, while listening to a CD. They make themselves comfortable in the living-room, close to one another. Even the "soft" light coming in through the window contributes to this cosy atmosphere.
12. They have decidedto meet at her house to be together one more time before she leaves, and to celebrate the event. Even though it is not clearly said, we can imagine Chris and Davi have offered some kind of help. Moreover, they try to deter her to go, one more time.
13. The main character hopes to become a better person by doing something "meaningful". She wants to allow idealism to lead her life and why notbecome a kind of silent hero, like her mother. She seems to be tired of having an ordinary life and she now wants to do something worthwile.

II. Expression
Il n'y a évidemment pas de "corrigé type" pour ce genre de sujet. Deux types différents vous étaient proposés ici, pour un nombre de mot total de 300 dans chaque cas.
Sujet 1 : deux questions, 150 mots pour chaque réponse.
Question a:facile en apparence, mais attention à bien respecter les contraintes inhérentes à la lettre (date, début et fin, formules diverses, etc), et il fallait se mettre "dans la peau" de Fiona. La question impliquait une certaine expérience ("after living and working in Kenya for a few weeks"), donc une part de récit au prétérit pour les événements. Rappelons que si elle fait des bilans en parlant de ses...
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