Shape and packaging

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The shape is something distinguished from its surroundings by its outline. Based on an experiment launched by Pinya and Mark in 2004 which researches about the relationship between marketing andconsumer psychology, it found that consumers are likely to choose distinctive packaging shapes when they scan a variety of products in supermarkets as they think the types of package would be value formoney, more noticeable and attractive. According to a mother’s statement, her children always are fascinated by bottle milk which is wrapped by cartoon characters pictures because they find they arefunny and appealing. More significantly, a large proportion of people are attracted by somewhat weird packaging, warped bottle, hexagonal box, for instance.
Consumers tend to purchase distinctiveproducts to distinguish themselves from others. According to self concept, consumers attach themselves to product which means consumers are what they purchase. Moreover, consumers consider the productsthat they buy are symbols of themselves. Take an example of Coca-Cola commercials that person who drink it is considered as “being- cool”. Since the bottles of Coca-Cola are different from other beveragepackages---it is curvy, aesthetic and sexy not just a general-defined bottle.
Besides, shapes which are iconic (c.f. Absolut bottles) enable consumers to recognize a product and a brandinstantaneously from the other ones. It strengthens the relationship between brand identity and consumer mind.
The consumer also associates some adjectives (e.g. strong, good) and symbolism with the shapes. Astudy led by Gaëlle Pantin-Sohier (2009) reveals that coffee which is put in a rectangular tin symbolizes a stronger aroma rather than the one put in a cylindrical tin.
To conclude, the shape, as acomponent of the pack, influences the consumer behavior because of the consumers’ attitudes (which depend on the symbolic and aesthetic attributes associated to the product by the consumer) towards...
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