Should the government ban experiments on animals in the pharmaceutical industry ?

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Should the government ban experiments on animals in the pharmaceutical industry ?

This is probably one of the most controversial topics currently in thescience, as well as in the government. It’s really an important question because nowadays, more and more experiments are made on animals, and medicine isin progress. Of course research is important but it should not be carried out at any costs. In this case, it's really hard to have a clear-cut opinion(either those who want medecine to progress at all cost, even if it means that animal might die, or those who protect animals and who are, consequently, totallyagainst the use of animal in experiments and clame that it’s an immorale act). It's true that animal should not be used in the pharmaceutical industry butit's also necessary to recognize the benefice of using animals in experiments. Among the European union countries, great Britain has the record number ofanimals used in experiments and every year a lot of animals suffer and die in British laboratories in cruel and pointless experiments. But the scientists reachtheir aim and create some vaccine which could save a lot of human life and we can say that the use of animals was an obligation for drug safety proceduresand chemical activity. For my part, I think that government should not ban experiments on animal because animals' life can save a lot of human lives but Iagree with the fact that animal should not suffer from those experiments. If they are exposed to some suffer, the scientists must find a way to reduce it.
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