South africa

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Country's geography , Economy and Flag

The Republic of South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of Africa, with a 2,798 kilometres (1,739 mi) coastline on the Atlantic and IndianOceans. To the north lie , Bostwana and Zimbabwe .To the east are Mozambique and Swaziland. while Lesotho is an independent country wholly surrounded by South African territory. The south Africa is a typeof language and cultural diversity. There are eleven languages recognised by the constitution !
Though English has a large role in public and commercial life, it is nevertheless only the fifthmost-spoken home language.

The flag of South Africa is effective since April 27th, 1994, date of the first not racial national elections. Maybe the colors of this flag represent :
Blue // the skyGreen // african land
White // the natives europeans
Black // the black population
Yellow // The gold-bearing wealth of the country
Reg // The blood paid during the internal conflicts
Theopposite "Y" symbolizes the fusion and the union of all these constituents.

Economy :
South africa economy is the best economy of all Africa, they are a economic liberalism but the state is more activin this country and help discrimated people. The south africa economy represented 25 pourcent of the PIB. It's one of the first gold and platine society.

South Africa has developed from an agrarianinto a modern industrial state since World War II.

South Africa has developed from an agrarian(rapport aux terres , agriculture) into a modern industrial state since World War II.Today, theeconomy is well-diversified and the country is capable of producing a wide range of consumer and investment goods(Vaste gamme de marchandises grand public et d'investissement). South Africa produces onefifth of the entire production of the African continent.The mining industry still plays a prominent part(L'industrie minière prend toujours une partie importante). However, over the last few years, the...
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