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Nowadays, some men still consider that women are inferior to men.
Today, I’m going to tell you the truth.

First of all, Women give Life.
Women mature faster than men.
Women don’t say anythingwhen they are sick.
Women can multitask :
Women are even able to live 5 days in only one!
Women make their home really comfortable for their family.
Women prefer making love instead of makingwar.
Women can drive their car like F1 champions J

I’m conviced that women have the right to be here, to be respected; and to have good jobs.
Who said that women were less intelligent than Men?I have the feeling our society doesn’t support women’s bigger dreams only because they have to take care of their children. It’s clear that women need to be free and to be accepted in this World.Women deserve to be happy whithout being discriminated against by men.

I’m not telling you that women can live without Men because I know that we can’t.
We can’t be separated from Men. But are youconscious of the discrimination against?

Which guy here knows how to use a washing machine to clean his clothes and to dry them?
Which guy here knows how to cook and how to receive guests for adinner?
Which guy here knows how to educate children?
Which guy here knows how to clean an entire house and which presents he has to buy for his friends and his family without being helped by someone?Which guy here knows how complicated and difficult it is for a woman to do all these things before and after her day at work?

You need to manage and do everything by yourselves!

I’m prettysure that a majority of you, guys, let your mothers, sisters or cleaning ladies do all these chores, or most of them! And, do you make your beds every morning before going to school? Or do you wait foryour girlfriends to come into your bedrooms and to see your beds undone?!

Nowadays, many women in our world are victims of violence from their partners, their husbands, brothers or fathers.
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