Sport in england

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Sports in England
Many sports are practiced in England but the most important are cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, polo, darts, formula 1 and football. Let’s talk about those sports.History and explanation
Cricket has appeared in England in 1300 with Edward 1 who played it in Kent. Cricket is a sport in which a player must put the ball in a goal defended by he’s opponent.The best cricket’s player in England is Kevin Pietersen, he plays for the England’s team. The most popular cricket’s tournament is the Middle West tournament in which the 20 best teams of the worldplay for win the cup.
Rugby has appeared in England in 1823 with William Webb Ellis who created a sport in which you had to catch a ball and run for put it behind the opponent’s line. The best rugby’splayer in England is Jonathan Wilkinson aka Jonny Wilkinson, he plays for the England’s team. The most popular rugby’s tournament is the world cup in which the best teams of the world play for win acup.
Tennis has appeared in England in 1500 when some villagers began to play a game in which they had to smash a ball with a racquet made with sheep gut. The best tennis’s player in England isAndy Murray, he won 2 Open one in Australia and the other in U.S.A. and he won 14 other titles. The most popular tennis’s tournament is Roland Garos in which the best players of the world play for winthe cup.
Golf has appeared in England in the 15th century when some people created a game in which players had to hit a peddle around a natural course of sand dune and try to put it in a hole. Thebest golfer in England Ian Poulter, he won 9 pro tournaments and in 2008 he has been 2 in the British Open. The most popular golf’s tournament is the PGA tour in which the best players of the world mustplay all the season for know who’s the best.
Polo has appeared in England in 1850 with the British tea planter who saw it Manipur in India and then, bring it back in them country. The best...
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