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II) The Communication of the French Federation of Handisport.

A. The mediatization and the sponsoring of Handisport in France.

As we saw, sport fills a social function and has important values for the eyes of the whole world. Today, sport, in general, can’t do without marketing and without communication. He is a contributor of image and fame, support of advertising spaces and factor ofintern motivation of a company.

1. Mediatization and Handisport.

The impact of the mediatization on sport is very important, that is why Federations are perpetually in search of legitimacy and gratitude. However, in term of mediatization, we can’t compare the sport for the valid and the sport for people with disabilities. This last one, in spite of the numerous international meetings asthe world championships and especially Paralympics, denounces a weak mediatization. Nevertheless, this indifference can seem incomprehensible because sport for people with disabilities is synonymic of human values, entertainment and emotion.

And it is can be from there that comes this indifference. Do we speak about handicapped persons who practice sport or sport practised by disabled persons? Asa matter of fact, the actors of the event are seen as handicapped persons or as sportsmen? Does the mediatization obey to social logics or sports logics? So many questions to which we are going to try to bring elements of answer in this part.

a. French Mediatization

For years, sport appears as a crucial stake for the survival of the television of mass and for the advertisers. Sport is asafe value for the television and again proved it in 2007 and 2008. These last two years were loaded with indeed particularly with the Rugby World Cup, the Euro 2008 of football and the Olympics of Peking. Figures speak about them even: the sporting consumption is more important than the offer! In other words, there are more televiewers than programs. Because the sport attracts all thegenerations, all the sexes and allows to reach the most difficult targets among which the purchasing power and the potential for the advertising agents are far from being unimportant.

On the other hand, the arrival of the new communications, - Internet and the mobile telephony in particular - give the possibility today of following sporting events. The fight to obtain the rights of broadcasting is alwaysbigger. Direct consequence of the strong mediatization of the sport and the digital revolution, new channels appear and the " small sports " begin to find their place in program schedules. The sport for people with disabilities is a part of these, in lesser measure. It is indeed too early to hope to see a national competition or even international (Paralympics, European championship, Worldchampionship) to be diffused in its entirety and in live.

In France nevertheless, 10 % of the population suffers from handicap. We do not know, but Paralympics represents the second sportive event of the planet in term of participation, just behind Olympics. In Peking, 4200 athletes were in confrontation. During the Paralympics of Peking, 4000 journalists were present to cover the event. Certaincountries widely invested. It is the case of Spain, Germany or still Portugal and United Kingdom. On the other hand, France realized serious savings of programming the offer having even decreased in an Olympiad in the other one! Are the Paralympic less interesting than their glorious Olympic?

The cameras of France Télévision stayed well in Peking to follow Paralympics: a daily summary of sevenminutes on France 3 before the News "12/13", the other one on France 4 and a cover on France Télévision in Télématin, All the sport and Stadium 2. But no event diffused in its entirety, even recorded. For the radio, some reports were dedicated to Paralympics in particular to speak about the no mediatization! But the most present media is Internet today. In France, one TV Web was born:
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