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Version 2.1

User Guide



Welcome to AVIConverter V2.1, a powerful and easy-to-use software to convert video files. The main function of AVIConverter is to convert video file from many video format (including avi, mpg, mpeg, rm, rmvb, wmv, dat, and vob) to avi format, which is the most popular video format in current portable media player. The avi file compressed with XviD/DivX Codec has better video quality; meanwhile it has smaller file size.


➢ Fast convert speed, and better compressed quality ➢ Easy-to-use software interface ➢ Support selecting video resolution ➢ Support selecting conversion quality, aspect ratio, and conversion time setting ➢ Support batch conversion

Program Interface


Function Setting

|Button |Description |
|Resolution |The target video width×height is 220pixel×176pixel |
|Source File |The path to source video file |
|Target File Path |The path to target video file |
|Target File Name |target video file name, there an ‘avi’ affix added to the end of it |
|Quality |Three quality selecting, including “High Quality”, “Normal” and “High Compression”. |
| |”High Quality” indicates that the source file is transcoded with higher A/V bitrate, |
| |meanwhile the result file has bigger file size and better image quality. |
| |“Normal” indicates that the source file is transcoded with normal A/V bitrate, meanwhile the|

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