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Miraculous solution for your print but keep it to yourself
The Time magazine has published on September 2008, an article written by Jeremy Caplan about a firm which developed a way to print withoutink .It is a news magazine which publishes each week, founded in 1923 by Brindon Headden and Henry Luce in New York. Since this date, it really became famous all over the world. It even got an editionfor Europe, Asia, Latin countries. It deals about actuality subjects like the green effect, foreign policy and economy. Jeremy Caplan is the journalist who wrote the text. He is Director of Educationfor the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is also a Ford Fellow in Entrepreneurial Journalism at the PoynterInstitute. In addition he contributes to Time Magazine on subjects ranging from business innovation to consumer technology.
J.Caplan explains in the first paragraph of the text that ink for printing isnot fashionable any longer, that ink gets on your nerves when you want to print, “it‘s messy” according to him .You need to change them every other week and the manipulation is really hard because youhave to take apart you printer, it’s like gymnastic for you and for you purse too.
The fact is that ink is costly .The manufacturers sell ink at about 40 $ per cartridge and you need two cartridgesto make you printer work, one for colors and the other one for black, so it makes 80$.Some tried to sell refill ink models so you can reuse cartridges but the price is still high and you can reallyget dirty if the ink gets on you shirt and it’s not Epson and HP who will pay for the dry cleaner. The problem is that if you need to print something you are obliged to buy some ink. There is no othersolution and if you have for example an Epson machine you can only buy Epson ink and cannot purchase some other ink costing less whereas if you want to buy a jean you have a lot of choice and a lot...
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