Suite de la nouvelle the landlady

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“What?” Said Billy. ”My god, you‘re mad. And what with this weird smile?”
“Hi hi …You’re going to be my third little human pet, my sweet Barney” she said.
Billy took a look around him .Now all the silent animals made sense.
“You’re not thinking about that, you old….”he said.
“Oh don’t speak like that “. She answered. “It doesn’t suit you.”
Billy stood up and ran at the door .The landlady didn’t even tried to prevent him from doing it. She stayed perfectly straight.
“You’re not going to catch me ever, farewell” he screamed.
He ran like he never did and after thinking a bit, went to The Bell and Dragon. All he could think about was the landlady and her smile. During the night, Billy had horrible nightmares .Stuffed animals looking him being stuffed too without emotions .And the smiling landlady approaching with a knife saying “my dear…my dear”. The day after, Billy had a terrible stomach-ach and went from bad to worst.
He succeeded to put on clothes and went to a nearby chemistry .He walked painfully”ah …briskness “he said ironically. Something caught his attention on his way back. The Bed&Breakfast.”Oh no, not that…” Billy thought.
Bed&Breakfast…BED&BREAKFAST…Those words were on his mind and his heart began to race. Once again, h e found himself walking towards it.
The landlady was in front of the entrance door .She waved her hand at him and said:
“My dear …It didn’t take too long!”
“Y…Yes” he hardly said.
“Don’t be shy Baly…come on in “.
Without even thinking, he passed the entrance and went in.
After looking around in the street, the Landlady step back. And closed the

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