Superstitions in britain

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|Superstitions in Britain |[pic]|
| | |
|Good Luck| |
|Lucky to meet a black cat. Black Cats are featured on many good luck greetings cards and birthday cards inEngland. | |
|Lucky to touch wood. We touch; knock on wood, to make something come true. | |
|Lucky to find a clover plant with fourleaves | |
|| |
|A horseshoe over the door brings good luck. But the horseshoe needs to be the right way up. The luck runs out of the horseshoe | |
|if it is upside down.| |
|Horseshoes are generally a sign of good luck and feature on many good luck cards.| |
|On the first day of the month it is lucky to say "white rabbits, white rabbits white rabbits," before uttering your first word | |
|of the day.| |
|Catch falling leaves in Autumn and you'll have good luck. Every leaf means a...
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