Sustainable development in the cosmetics industry

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,X has ordered this report 26 January 2009 for her students as the core component of the course module. This report was to be submitted to her by 13 February 2009.

Table of Contents

I. Stage 1 Introduction p. 5

II. Stage 2 Literature Review p. 6

III. Stage 3 Academic Underpinning p. 7

IV. Stage 4 Contemporary Interpretation p. 8

A. Objective 1

B. Objective 2 p. 9

C. Objective 3 p. 10

D. Objective 4 p. 11

V. Stage 5 Test Hypothesis p. 12

VI. Stage 6 Analysis & Presentation of Results p. 16

VII. Stage 7 Conclusion & Recommendations p. 21

VIII. Stage 8 Learning Experience p. 22

IX. Stage 9 Sources p. 23


The task of this report is to research in-depth the extent sustainable development has reached within the beauty and cosmetics industry. We want to explore what changes, if any; have been made within the sector in the development of more ethical products that do not harm the environment, and if these changes have made an impact on the consumers’ choices or vice versa. We also investigated what motivates both the consumer and producer to make “eco-friendly” changes – whether its true compassion for the planet or the potential for greater profit.
To summarize our conclusions, we have found that beauty businesses are making sustainable changes out of profit, but not just profits from the consumer. Producing greener products has yielded more cost-effective results within the production, supply and distribution departments. As consumers become more conscientious in their choices of cosmetic product, the industry is slowly but surely adapting to the needs of not just the customer but the environment as well.
Most of our recommendations consist of suggestions to governments to establish environmental regulations and incentives such as tax credits to decrease “greenwashing” and further

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