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Political System in Lebanon
Lebanon has a liberal democracy system. It won its independence in 1943. Its constitution was adapted in 1926 and has been amended many times since - the last was in1990.  Lebanon officially recognizes eighteen religious communities within the country. Its political system reflects these communities and the historical and cultural needs of its people.
The politicalsystem is distributed among the authorities recognized in the parliamentary democratic system, that is: the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers. 
The Head of State is the president of therepublic elected by the members of Parliament for a six-year mandate. To alter the terms of this mandate would require an amendment to the constitution. A symbol of unity for the nation, his duties are tomaintain the respect of the constitution, and to safeguard the independence and integrity of the country. The President is also the "Chef Supreme" of the Armed Forces, who come under the authority ofthe council of Ministers
The Government
The Executive Power is held by the Council of Ministers (the Government) headed by the Prime Minister. A collegial authority, the Council is empowered todeal with general political matters, to elaborate new laws, projects and to issue decrees and their application, to nominate civil servants, and to dissolve parliament for specific reasons at thePresident's request. Decisions taken by the government are by consensus or a majority vote of those attending. Nevertheless, a 66% majority of the total number of ministers is required for fundamentalissues such as amending the Constitution, voting on the budget and development plans.
The Legislative Power is held by a parliament comprised of 128 members, who are elected through a democratic systemdirectly by the people for a renewable four-year term. The parliament carries all the power and authority normally attributed to a parliamentary democratic system.
One of the public institutions...
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