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1. The narrator is a Jamaican female teacher.

2. The scène takes place in England (l.31 « you’re not qualified to teach hère in England »)

3. A) This place could be a school office or a job center
B) She has come there to apply for a job as a teacher in a English school.

4. It refers to the other woman who may be a secretary or headmistress 5. The narrator expects her to take them and read them through. 6. She feels these letters proe she is a comptent and fully qualified teacher. 7. She takes them but then she can’t be bothered to read them. Eventually, she wants the narrator to take them back. 8. « you’re note qualified to teach in this country » l.31 ; « well, I’m afraid you can’t teach here » l.25 ; « the letters don’t matter »l.30 ; « you can’t teach in this country »l.30-31 ; « it doesn’t matter that you were a teacher in Jamaica, she went on, you will not be allowed to teach here. » l.33-34 9. a) FALSE « the letters don’t matter » l.30 « it doesn’t matter that you were a teacher in Jamaica » l.33 « take these back. They’re of no use »l. 34 b) FALSE « there really is no point your sitting there arguing with me » l.39 « i can do nothing to change that »l.41 « there is no point you asking me anything else »l.51 10. Although, she was being poilte, smiling and welcoming at the begining. (l.2 « the woman’s warm smile » l.4 « sweetly » l.8 « politely ») she became abrupt, interrupting several times. She smiled again in an obviously insincère and hyprocritical way. (l.13 « taking up a smile once more »). She then even became agressive, shking the letter at the narrator and almost shouting. In the end she openly loughed at her «(l.40 « giggled »). Finally she tried to ignore her and she became dismissive, sévère (l.48 « goodbye, she said, pointing a finger at the door.) 11. They reveal she has been faking smiles all allong since her natural expression is far more sévère and less

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