The action of international organization in the world politics

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The action of international organization in the world politics


The financial and economic current crisis has increased pressure for a re-evaluation of the current power system in the international economic organizations. Emerging countries fights for more control in them that they often blame for being unfair and responsible of theirs luggish development. On another hand developed countries are benefiting widely from the organizational regime that has been agree more than sixty years ago and that hasn’t adapt to shifts in economical and political power. We assist of what could be called a battle for global economic governance, that is one for the “overaching system which regulate human affairs on a worldwide basis”(O’Brien and Williams 2007). But we can wonder why such battle is taking place on an organizational level? Do international organisation matter in world politics and how? Answers have been provided by different school of thought : realists, liberals and constructivists. We will see how they view world politics and how IOs affect it, and to this regard we will look at a specific situation within the United Nations Security Council in 2003 before the start of the Irak war.

Realism, constructivism and liberalism or three ways of looking at international organisations.

In order to make sense and to take constructive actions, humans create theories and frameworks for analysing facts and the relationships between them. In the field of social science, as opposed to mathematics and physics, it is very difficult to create a framework that would encompass and explain all aspects of a problem or a fact. Such framework would have to be overly simplistic and by trying to explain everything would probably explain nothing.
Therefore, there is no such things as axiom in the logical sense in social science. Instead, we have diverse theories that are usually advanced in a specific historical context and that often support the cause of a specific

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