The boy in the striped pyjamas

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
1. Questions

Make 4 groups.
We are going to ask 3 questions to each group and if the group can’t answer the others will be able to answer instead of the group.

1. What's the advantage of the move according to Bruno? 2. What’s the nasty habit of Gretel? 3. Imagine the new place where the Bruno's family live. 4. What did Gretel and her friends do to bother Bruno? 5. Imagine how long they have to spend in their new house. 6. Try to imagine the job of Bruno's father. 7. How did Bruno explain to Gretel that they aren't in their countryside's home? 8. What can we find in Gretel's bedroom? 9. What did Gretel can see through her windows?
10. What did Gretel and Bruno think when they saw a soldier who was screaming on the children?
11. Explain the title “The hopeless Case”
12. Try to imagine what is going to happen next.

2. For people who haven’t talked yet... • What would you do if you were persecuted by your sister/brother like Bruno? • What would be your reaction if you had to move without explanations? • What would you do to discover what happen next to the house? • What’s your position towards the treatment reserved to the Jews? • What would you think of your father if he was an SS? Do you prefer that he refuse the job?

3. Summary:
After the moving, Bruno and Gretel asked themselves why they moved and began to discover the strange place where they live. Through the window, they see a lot of men who have all the same striped pyjamas and wondered who they

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