The effect of advertising on elections

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GBU 3401

The Effect of Advertising on Elections

Project done by:

Ali Benseddik

Meriem Haddouchi

Wassym Zaz

Spring 2010

Abstract 2
Introduction 3
Problem Statement: 3
Research Questions 3
The hypothesises: 4
Statistical methods and techniques 4
Data Collection 4
Inferential Statistics: 5
1. The Chi-square test statistic: 5
2. The simple linear regression: 6
Conclusion: 9


The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of total advertising costs on the U.S citizens voting. The team members wonder if wining the last elections in the united state is essentially a matter of how much the potential candidate spent on advertising. If our assumption is false, then more important factors would affect the voting of citizens and adverting costs would be a secondary factor. In the extreme case would not affect. In fact, during this research the team members aim to see first whether the success of the U.S president in the last elections is dependent or independent on the U.S citizens. Then to conduct a second study to see if the variability of the total advertising costs affects heavily the U.S citizens. Our research is time independent, For that research, the team members decided to collect data of the two main candidates of the last 2008 elections that is Obama and Mccain. In term of data, we gathered the total costs spent by each of the two candidates on each U.S state. The advertising costs that we used are summing up all kind of advertising costs spent during elections. Each advertising cost includes broadcast advertising, print advertising outdoor advertising, covert advertising and surrogate advertising.


Problem Statement:

What is the effect of advertising on elections in the US?

Research Questions

The objectives of the search study are as follow:

• To explore the effects of advertising on the elections results in the US.
We will find out these effects by

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