The french presence in south kensington

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I would specially like to thank Ms Benita WHITE, personal assistant to Nagi HABIB, for helping me find another placement.
I also wish to thank the staff of the Royal College of Music for welcoming me such quickly. Equally, I want to thank everyone in the facility for the care they gave during the placement, and I would like to give a big thank to Mr Rui AFONSO, cleaningsupervisor of the departement, for all the time he gave to make me feel good during this month.
Finally, I wish to thank the Bordeaux IV Montesquieu IUT faculty for giving us the opportunity to live through this rewarding experience.


As I began to explain in the above acknowledgements, I could not perform the placement in June. Initially, I found a placement with MisterNagy HABIB, a world-leading professor of surgery teaching at the Imperial College of London and practicing at the Hammersmith Hospital in London. Indeed I found this placement in April 2009, but then had no accommodation. I eventually found one with local people on the Internet by May. However, the very day I was to leave, the flat’s landlord called to tell me that he had just let his room toanother person.
I immediately informed Ms Benita WHITE, personal assistant to Mr HABIB that , I couldn’t do my placement at the determined period. Just because Mr HABIB could welcome me only at this period, the placement could not be done. Ms WHITE was very obliging with me because she found within two days another placement for me in another college in London : The Royal College of Music. That isthe reason why the key question outlined during the international seminar week «What kind of organisation Mr HABIB’s society is ?», couldn’t be answered, and why I tried to find another key question relevant to my new placement.

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The Royal College of London was founded in 1882 by the Prince of Wales Edward Vll, so it has ever been linked to the Royal family and is still today because its patron is currently Her Majesty The Queen. It is one of the reasons why The Royal College of Music is enjoying such a prestigeand reputation as one of the world's leading conservatoires. The specialized musical education and professional training are at the highest international level for performers, conductors and composers. It allows students to develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding in order to contribute in the musical life in this country and internationally. Since its creation, this musicalinstitution has formed many great, notable and prestigious composers, conductors, singers and instrumentalists and, just to give a little anecdote, the Lebanese-British pop singer and compositor Mika was formed at the Royal College of London.
My role in the Royal College of Music was to perform some basic administrative tasks at the reception, like answering e-mails or trying to inform people,taking care of the facilities of the college and quite occasionally answering visitor’s questions. Just because the tasks carried out were not very rewarding as compared to the first placement, I decided to make a study about the College quarter : South Kensington. It is a part of a borough of London, situated near the luxurious quarters of Knightsbridge and Chelsea.. The french culture is relativelypresent in this quarter so I tried to know what was the impact of the french diaspora in this quarter and how it translated in the economy and the culture.
We are about to see, initially, a presentation of South of Kensington and the importance of the french community ; and, secondly, we will see how this community impacts
local life. At last, we will show the french presence in London and...
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