The world outside

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the narrator has had on his own country the USA throughout his life.

2) The main character is American ; he was a journalist and a teacher. Then he is married and used to travel a lot for his jobs, indeed he went to South Africa when he was 19 to start a career as a journalist, and then he went to India for six months. He was in his sixties when he wrote the text.

3) In South Africa he understood that his country was on the wrong side indeed the USA supported the apartheid white regime which was discriminated black people.

4) Exposition : exposure line 3

Mauvais côté : wrong side line 5

Rencontre : encounters line 12

Accord : agreement line 22

Interdiction : ban line 24

Réchauffement : warming line 24

Diploma : degree line 30

Modeler : shape line 39

5) a) right : line 15-16 “I had not thought much about globalization until my wife and I lived for six months in India.”

b) right : line 17 “Indians were outraged by American corporate attempts to patent basmati rice…”

c) right : line 21 : “when it comes to a different kind of international agreement those of which the human race has reason to be proud of the US has refused to sign almost all of them…”

6) “rather it marked indifference to rank and hierarchy” line 35 “we may not be economically equal but we assume a kind of social equality with others…3 line 21

7) People are attracted to the USA first because of the education system and more precisely the American degree which is recognized all around the world as a key to a good job. Secondly people are attracted to the freedom of speech and the equality among all kind of people.

8) The narrator has mixed feelings towards his country which is paradoxical because he understands that the USA is often criticized by the world outside for its military interventions and its terrible economic power in India for example. Yet he defends his country and he seems to be proud of its values such as freedom of speech, education and

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