Theamerican dream

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The American Dream

This document is a text from Michael Cusaek and it was publicated in 1981 and it was about the American dream. Michael Cusack (20 September 1847 – 27 November 1906) was an Irish teacher and founder of the Gaelic Athletic Association. He grew up in a home and in an area where Irish was still the language of daily life. He was probably eleven years old before he first used English and he quickly mastered it and to the end of his life he remained bilingual. This text The American Dream it’s about the evolution of this expression in all the united states.
This text can be divide in six parts : four parts and two parts introduction and conclusion.
_ The first part runs from line 1 to line 11 and it’s the introduction about the reasons of the immigrants to choose US
_ The second part runs from line 12 to line 50 and talk about the opportunity to climb up the social ladder
_ Third part runs from line 51 to line 64 and it’s about the dark side of American Dream
_ Fourth part runs from line 65 to line 92, it’s about the rebirth of American dream after the 2nd world war
_ Fifth part runs from line 93 to line 123 and it’s about the material value
_ The last part runs from line 124 to the end and it’s the conclusion.

For began , in the introduction the writer make a definition of the American dream and say witch million of people tried to access to the US for many reasons. First they want to have a good life and they think to the US can bring them. They want too to escape from famine and the oppression in Europe after the world war. For the immigrants they want to their child have a good life tan them because for us in the united states they can have a better life, it’s a dream.
Moreover everyone who was leaving his country had to start from scratch, it was more than a simple travel but a drastic change in their life.
Then in the second part, it’s the possibility to change their social status and an opportunity to

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