Tiers monde

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The strory set in new york.Formerly coach boxing deemed, Frankie (Clint Eastwood ) directs a room regional boxing with his best friend, an old boxer named Scrap ( Morgan Freeman ). Their daily livesis overwhelmed by the arrival of a young boxer called Maggie Fitzgerald ( Hilary Swank ).
Frankie is reluctant to the idea of becoming the coach of Maggie. Him, rejected by her daughter, her, havinglost her father in infants, both need one another out of their deadlock both emotional and professional . He makes her a famous warrior and organizes a fight in Las Vegas against Billie "The bluebear" for the title of world champion. During this match, she is a victim of an illegal kick of her opponent after the end of a round and accidentally falls on a stool . Injured in the spinal cord, shebecomes tétraplégique and is condemned to end her days on a hospital bed. The movie ends with the death of the young woman, assisted by her coach. la boxe es

this movie is not only talking aboutboxing as we can see it in severals movie like rocky he also recounts the evolution of the relationship between francky and maggy, turbulent relationship, alternately stimulating and exasperating thatdevelops between them over the they discover a community spirit and unexpected complicity. It is a strong and moving film through which we can detect critical of American society behind the character ofMaggie Fitzgerald, he portrays America through the cracks of material poverty, intellectual and cultural treats the question of euthanasia
the actors deliver their excellent performance that earnedan Oscar t sa planche de salut.
Hilary Swank incarne avec force et détermination cette femme condamnée à la pauvreté, enchaînant les petits boulots et économisant le moindre cent. Pas de doute avecl’actrice oscarisée pour la deuxième fois, elle est fabuleuse et mérite cette récompense. Bien longtemps après la fin du film, son regard et son sourire me restent en mémoire. Aucun autre personnage...
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