Tigers endangered species

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How to protect tigers which become an endangered species?

Tigers are really famous for them ferocity and wickedness,in fact they attack only if they feel threatened.
There are already thirty-seven felines and twenty-five are endangered,we can count the tigers of Bali (1930),Caspian tiger (1970), and the Javan tiger(1972)for the most famous extinct tiger species.(animauxmenacesevblog.fr) Whatare the reasons for their disappearance and what is the solutions to remedy their spell?

Human population growth, degradation of the ecosystem (nuclear test), pollution and the impact caused on the habitat of these species are the main causes of their disappearance.
Indeed, the evolution of the deforestation, which is defined as the removal of a forest or stand of trees Where the and isthereafter converted to a nonforest use (examples of deforestation include conversion of forestland to agriculture or urban use).(wiki), led to regression of areas inhabited by this animals.
Deforestation leads not only disappearance of plants vital for these animals but also causes a climate change.
In Indonesia, reduction of surface is important, falling 70% from 1950 to today, in fact this one isfrom one hundred and sixty milions hectares to forty-eight milions of hectares. (wwf.fr)
this is so for india where only 7% of the territory usually occupied since a century is now inhabited by these species.which shows a very important decline.
The reduction of surfaces appear also in the Caspian and also in the island of Bali and Java, where the number of tigers was important.It is importantto emphasize that the average male tiger needed a surface equivalent to sixty m2 and thirty m2 for a female,it could be extend to 1000M2.
This unsustainable practice,the timber industry and oil and lower pay areas cultivated habitats of these animals almost non-existant.
This ecological extinction is unfortunate because it highlights even more the inability of man to take care of nature andemphasizes his Consumer's character.
However,can we dispense us entirely the use of this wood? these aeras? With the population growth it is difficult to not consider a reduction of living space per animal species, nevertheless, an effort of cohabitation may be considered.
This is wher the TERAIC LANDSCAPE ARC is interesting, this international project in collaboration with researchers from CENTREFOR ECOLOGICAL AND
Evolutionary SYNTHESIS of Oslo, supports the idea of creating a "corridor" between the protected areas wreduce the fragmentation of the phenomenon of dipertion.(http://www.futura-sciences.com/fr/news/t/genetique-1/d/especes).
in addition, the action of certain companies committing to tiger conservation action is not to be overlooked.
As was the case for the CORPORATE TIGERSTATEMENT, where companies of the Global Forest & Trade Network engaged themselves to make an effort in their activities to reduce or avoid impacts on natural ressources of the tigers habitat with responsible procurement policies and when it is possible to improve the habitat of wild tiger populations. The statement also calls on companies in the same
sector to follow this behaviour.The statementis in line with the International Summit of Tiger which took place last November in Saint Petersburg, in Russia, in which the Heads of State of countries known as "the Tigers countries" are committed to fund and implementa plan to protect Tigers and to double the number of tigers in the wild in 2022. (assets.panda.org / downloads / corporate_tiger_declaration.pdf) it is difficult to find a clearand precise solution to the problem of pollution,do we have to stop to produce petrol?or do we have to use bycicle? ..
Although,even if these solutions are promising the problem of funding is not resolved.

Let's see now the impact of illegal trade of tiger in them disapearance, and the necessity of having a more active government to counter these criminal act.
Particularly in China, but also...
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