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BTS Comptabilité et gestion des organisations Première année

Devoir 1

Partie 1 : compréhension de l’oral (12 points)
Corrigé de l'exercice 1
– Gerhard Florincomplains about the fact that the Germans don't buy many game consoles. – The Germans are happy to use new technology like mobile phones and broadband internet connections. – The German economy is not verystrong at the moment. – The German culture is not very keen on games and other forms of entertainment. – To sell more games in Germany, it would be necessary to convince parents that they areeducational. – The sale of game consoles is starting to grow in Germany. – Raising the sale of game consoles to the level of that in America and Britain would bring in a lot of money.

Suggestion pourl'exercice 2 (résumé)
Gerhard Florin who manages the European branch of the biggest game-making company in the world is complaining (1) about the fact that the Germans are not too interested in games,contrary to the Americans, the British, the French and the Spaniards. The reasons are not linked to a lack of (2) interest in technology but in a weaker (3) economy and mainly because the Germans are notreally attracted to such forms of entertainment, in the same way that they don't really like going to the cinema or buying as many DVDs as other Europeans or may even feel guilty about spending timewatching a football match.
8A203CTPA01 1/3

Another reason is that German parents do not like their children to spend too much time gaming on the internet or using game consoles. To increase thesale of game consoles, it would be necessary to convince the parents that they are actually (4) educational but this may be difficult since (5) even the Americans don't think that gaming is a veryeducational activity. But the situation is starting to change and more game consoles were sold in Germany than in other parts of Europe in 2002. If sales rose to the level of those in America and...
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