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If I have to ban something, it would be the petroleum. Imagine a world without petroleum. I think about that because I think about the planet. As a green citizen, Ichoose to live without cars and oil. Petroleum means money, wars and jealousy. I understand that a world without petroleum means sacrifices. In my point of view, this ismore important to preserve the planet. In fact, we will try to live without petroleum. This kind of energy will disappear in fifty years. Petroleum is just energy butthis one destroy our planet.

How people accepted petroleum? They understood that this dirty black thing means more and more money. Many kills were maid in the name ofpetroleum. I think about the Middle East where petroleum is like a god or a devil.

I just think about the budget that is used by family concerning petroleum. Somehouses are linked to petroleum and some families will not survive without this precious think. That’s my problem: petroleum is for most of us the only energy we used.This fact affects the planet and our earnings at the same time. How can we continue to suffer like that?

Other energy exists. There are green and ecological. They usednatural forces like the wind or the sun. This kind of energy makes sense and makes money too.

The biggest problem is that all companies which choose the black goldto earn money will disappear in fifty years. Economy will suffer and the middle eats have to be prepared. Scientists have to work harder to propose new energies.

So,it will be difficult for the economy and for people but it can be better for our planet to ban the petroleum. I prefer to preserve our planet before our economy.
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