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TOEIC Incomplete, Advanced
Theme: Finance
Q1 It's a gamble at the moment whether the company will make profit in its second year but that
nevertheless is
the ....... aim.
(a) wanted (b) wished (c) desired (d) needed
Q2 Each year the Chancellor of the Exchequer stands up in the House of Commons and gives
a ....... of what is seen as the economic outlook for the country.
(a) forecast (b)foretell (c) foresee (d) forego
Q3 I think that your financial optimism is not really justified and you should adopt a more .......
(a) really (b) realize (c) reality (d) realistic
Q4 If you want to increase sales of a particular product, you must be sure that you are ....... the
right customers.
(a) aiming (b) directing (c) targeting (d) guiding
Q5 The idea caught on very quicklyand people were queuing up to buy the goods so that year the
company's investment ....... substantial profits.
(a) confirmed (b) yielded (c) harvested (d) maintained
Q6 ....... it has not been a bad year as our costs are well down on last year's.
(a) Overall (b) Largely (c) Mainly (d) Quite
Q7 Managers complained bitterly at the Annual General Meeting that ....... of production had
dropped toan all time low.
(a) signs (b) indications (c) types (d) levels
Q8 You have to accept that this kind of expenditure is quite ....... in an enterprise of this kind.
(a) general (b) typical (c) formal (d) correct
Q9 The figures that have just been published by the company's accountants will give management
some kind of ....... on how sales are going.
(a) prospective (b) perception (c) perusal(d) perspective
Q10 Whenever a member of staff makes a claim for travel expenses, they have to provide a .......
account of their journeys.
(a) detailed (b) dedicated (c) descriptive (d) described
Theme: Interviews and Jobs
Q1 One of the most important qualities which the panel is looking for in a candidate is the ....... to
work with others.
(a) ease (b) case (c) power (d) ability
Q2Once the applications have been looked at the usual procedure for the panel is to follow .......
the references of those candidates who have been shortlisted.
(a) across (b) in (c) up (d) along
Q3 They were so impressed with the way she reacted to their questions that they didn't ....... to
offer her the job.
(a) delay (b) hesitate (c) waiver (d) dither
Q4 As this job was of a very specialistnature an ....... was invited to join the interview panel.
(a) expert (b) exponent (c) exhibitor (d) expedient
Q5 After the interview one of the candidates ....... phoned the office to see whether he had been
(a) always (b) ever (c) constantly (d) competently
Q6 She was in such a state of extreme nervousness when she was ....... for the interview that she
burst into tears.
(a)called on (b) called in (c) called over (d) called off
Q7 From the point of view of relevant ....... she was the ideal candidate at least on paper.
(a) reference (b) history (c) family (d) background
Q8 It is absolutely essential in an interview to give the impression at least that you are full
of ........
(a) concern (b) continuity (c) confidence (d) confirmation
Q9 One of the most popularquestions asked of interviewees is to explain their strengths and ........
(a) weaknesses (b) varieties (c) virtues (d) variables
Q10 Each candidate was asked to ....... a short account of how they saw the future of the company.
(a) display (b) present (c) show (d) demonstrate
Theme: Lucky You
Q1 He told us the usual things about how everything had gone wrong - it was a typical ....... luckstory.
(a) solid (b) hard (c) stiff (d) black
Q2 With a little ....... of luck I think she'll pass her driving test first time.
(a) section (b) particle (c) parcel (d) bit
If I were you I would certainly accept the offer. If you ask for any more you're just ....... your
(a) pushing (b) probing (c) promoting (d) pending
Q4 I thought the best thing was to wish them both ....... luck...
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