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Truancy is the act, for a pupil, of being absent in classes without permission. And

nowadays, play truant from school is a current problem in our society. As a matter of fact, the

number of children playing truancy is growing since several years, especially in England,

despite the English government established strict laws against the truancy at school.

Is it a good idea to prosecute parents whose children play truant from school? Would it be

better to prosecute the pupils who don’t go in classes? What other solutions are there to fight


On the one hand, in England, parents who children playing truant can have problems

with the justice. In fact parents who allow their children to miss school are able to pay fines

from 50 to 2500 £. Moreover, for some cases, parents can go to prison for a period of three

months. In my opinion, these measures are too much drastic. I think if a child doesn’t want to

go to school, he doesn’t care about prosecutions that his parents suffer. Furthermore, children

don’t necessarily obey to their parents. In addition, we know that teenage truancy rises despite

the drastic laws established. Consequently, we can ask us if prosecuting parents is unjust. I

think it would be better to prosecute children who miss classes because after they will learn

the lesson and maybe they will not do it again. I think it’s a way to affect them personally.

On the other hand, I think there are others ways to fight against truancy. Actually,

instead of prosecute parents, children every time they miss classes, can do community service

into the school where they study. Moreover, most of pupils playing truancy don’t go in

classes because they don’t like what they do in classes. Maybe they can do something else

which they like doing? Thus, in this way they will be more enthusiastic and motivated than

before. So they will go to school and will not play truancy. To finish, I have an other

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