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Students guide to perfect truancy

Monday 8h03
Something is vibrating beneath my pillow…sigh…my telephone’s alarm clock and it’s time to wake up and go to school, instead I hit the snooze buttonfor another 5,10, 15minutes...In fact, I turned off my phone and did not go to school at all!

It all begun at freshmen year, when I first came to Tangier. With my parents not around, I could cut allthe classes I wanted: An 8h30 class because I didn’t have enough sleep the night before and that I would not be able to concentrate anyway , a 14H30 class because I haven’t had lunch yet and that Iam really hungry; even 16h classes because I ae a terrible headache. Just stupid excuses meant to ease my guilt and give some sense to all those meaningless absences: It was all so clear that I hadthe 3C disease (Compulsive Class Cutting)

Now with the zero tolerance for absence policy that the administration sat it has became more difficult to skip school…more like gambling either you haveitor nt depends on how smart you actually are and believe me it has nothing to do with your marks , it also depends on the proffessors’ grading system.some classes are more conveniently cut then others.Attendance requirements are getting stricter all the time, so students in general know each professor’s level in tolerating absences and the consequences of skipping each class
Moreover skipping (lecours) is way less risky then skipping (les TP et TD) Though attendance may be required of each, your non-attendance will be more closely marked in a small classroom setting.also (les tp et td) are anopportunity to catch up on what you may have missed during le cours .

Students also get their buddies sign for them in some classes. And take notes for them. That’s what we call a beautifulfriendship. Which sometimes can get both friends in huge trouble in case their caut by a professor?

Some other students skip randomly and just hope for the best, depending on their luck and instinct....
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